Hopscotch Quote Week!


Hey guys! Good morning! Or afternoon!

You know what, nevermind.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Hopscotch Quote Week is a week where we can share quotes, either on HS or the forum.

kewl amirite

Want to participate? Let me know!

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Here is one quote-
“Creativity is just intelligence having fun”
- Albert Einstein


“Nobody is bad at coding. The closest you can get is inexperienced.”
And another…
“Life is short so don’t waste your time trying to make a cool quote”
“Someone who says that they have never made a mistake means they have never tried anything new”
-Albert Einstein
“The simplest code can make the most fun and interesting games”


I have a quote.

“Nice guys finish last.”
Leo Durocher (who was really competitive)




Draw, code, everyone is unique!- @Doughnut_The_Hole


“The greater, the easier it gets!”


when life gives you lemons, you can carry them, and slow down, or you can squeeze the lemons right back in life’s eyes.

-@PaperBagHat_meep -


That is a great idea! I think that I have a few quotes to share, including some of my own!


God I hope this is satirical


“Life is a terminal disease”


it’s a shame i missed terminal 3 on my way to the airplane




“go on your own path, even if you only
live for a day.”
— jimin


Thanks for the quote :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, Leo Durocher was not a nice guy. He was a baseball manager, and don’t follow that.


“asdfghjkl what”


@Aariv, get over here and accept my challenge