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FHere is a kahoot I'm hosting right now about hopscotch, can you please join, the code is 449271. Join at kahoot.it
Can u give me suggestions on new questions?
For your nickname type in ur forum usrrname

Playing kahoot! join in now! (Hopscotch related) 🎃🎃😊😊
Doing a Kahoot on 2016 music!


I will join!


kitty? Xd
Imma start in a min hang tight, waiting for more players


Ok! Just tell me before you start! :wink:

Do you see me?


ya jekekkekdkdkxnknknk


I joined


OMG mathgirl joined thanks, I'm starting now ok?


Ok! When are you going to start? 1 minute? 2? 5?


Can I join(I already did) :D also I'm pumkin


Axe we has problem!!!!
Lemme stop the quiz I gotta type the choices here sorry everyone
O forgot about that


Is there still time to join?


Umm.....the question wasn't on the screen...



Umm.....when are you starting?


When are you starting the Kahoot?


I joined...
Or at least I think I did. My screen says "you're in! See you nickname onscreen?" (Which of course I don't.... XD)


I'm in it wouldn't let me do my name so my name looks weird


I'm in! And my sister @CheckyWecky has joined too :slight_smile:


Checky wacky is your sister?!? How did I not know? XD


im in, the names blueberry freak


Why is nothing happening?