Hopscotch quiz demo in python



My 5 Question Quiz written in python is here!
more Questions coming soon!
here's the link!
just press the execute button on the top, like @BuildASnowman's hopscotch code generator, which you can find here!
if u want an explanation comment below, actually:

  • I want an explanation
  • I don't want an explanation


have fun! and don't look at code!

new one (version beta 0.5) here
update 2!
minor update! here (beta 0.5.1)

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Hopscotch quiz in python beta 0.5!

Do you guys like it?


It said command not found?


This is so cool! This is python? You can make stuff like this with Ruby too.


Wow! Really neat! I love the "code style". It's very organized. And the quiz is really fun! This is seriously really impressive.

In the way of improvements, your if statements are case sensitive, meaning if I put:
magmapop for the first answer, it would be wrong because magmapop does not equal magmaPOP.
You can fix that by making all the names lowercase and replacing Q1 with Q1.lower()
if Q3 == "Example":
would become
if Q3.lower() == "example":

That would make it so that it is not case sensitive.

But yeah, really good job! Will there maybe be a sequel?


I wanted it to be case sensitive, @BuildASnowman, to add a layer of difficulty! I knew about
Q3.lower() == "example": but I didn't wan't to be like that.

YES that was only my demo, I was thinking... 20 questions?
I only started learning python yesterday, and really wanted to try it out, so I made this in 30 minutes!
one of my many earlier projects was the area of circle calculator, which is here

really? Thanks!
thanks for your feedback, @BuildASnowman!

p.s. how long have you been learning lua when you made your hopscotch code generator?


I also like lua, and am planning on learning it next!


soooo.... was this good?


I had been learning lua for a few years when I made that, but it only required a month or two worth of knowledge, less if you are really passionate about it.


I only started to learn this for 1 day before I made this, @BuildASnowman


Now THAT is impressive. I've never heard of someone learning a language that fast! Keep learning and who knows how amazing you'll get. You'll be the dumbledore of python!


I won't, srsly, python is a very easy to learn language because it is so CLEAN, unlike HTML or CSS or JavaScript! But I do like coding ALOT


Well I'm learning JavaScript so I guess we all are learning coding :slightly_smiling:


yeah, switch to python, It's much eazier, @DragonDog.


Yah I heard it is easier but I'm doing good in JavaScript so far (except one time I got stuck for a while but then I figured it out)


I learnt JavaScript and yes it was hard, @DragonDog


Yah a little but what I'm learning in I'm 20% done so I don't think I will switch at this point


ok, I never asked you to switch, I said u should switch!


I know console.log("I was just saying I wasn't going to switch I know you just said I should")
By the way for people who don't know code that was JavaScript