Hopscotch Questions



Hopscotch questions. Many people have done this, and this one will probably be the same. THis one might not be popular because I'm rarely known. But I figured out that I will give it a try!


Why is hopscotch so fun? [maybe addictive]
How can hopscotch grow in the future?
Are there no limits in hopscotch?
If you could choose anything you want, what would you add, change, or delete in hopscotch?


I would definitely add custom colors. Or at least an easier way to get custom colors. I would also add on to the "Check If" blocks to have it the way Tha you can do doe thing like "Check If... Block 2 is pressed."


I think you can already do that. @TheLogoMaster


I would really love if the notes on the start sound block were more piano. And if you could have a note last for longer than a quarter note.


I always wish it was easier to check if one thing is touching another.


lets have some others see this today.