Hopscotch questions tab


Hey here's another idea maybe we should make a place on hopscotch were you can ask the workers on hopscotch questions like this one?

Soda for I like it

Candy if you don't like it



I think it's a great idea, but what would be the platform of communication? In-app messaging, email, etc.


In app means saying so like Hopscotch texting


Anyone else want to make a poll and stuff


Also, there's a button that allows you to ask THT questions and stuff!


where is that on hopscotch

  • Soda
  • Candy


Votes are public.


I don't think there are topics like this. You could maybe rephrase that? It sounds a little mean.

Anyway, this is a amazing idea!


Thank you man that is nice


The forum is always nice! :D

I haven't seen you around lately.... hmmmmm.


I hare dance camp and school stuff to get ready for school I meant