Hopscotch Questions Again


Incase you haven't seen this last night...
Hopscotch questions. Many people have done this, and this one will probably be the same. THis one might not be popular because I'm rarely known. But I figured out that I will give it a try!

Why is hopscotch so fun? [maybe addictive]
How can hopscotch grow in the future?
Are there no limits in hopscotch?
If you could choose anything you want, what would you add, change, or delete in hopscotch?


Hm...didn't you create a topic with these already?


Yeah the other one is way in the back. That's why I made this one so the other people will see this.


It's best just to revive the older topic. To save space, ya know. Maybe you can recycle this topic?


Uhh.. how do you do that?


We just delete these posts and you can edit the original so it has a new purpose.