Hopscotch question



K, on Hopscotch I am trying to make a robot, but I want it to all be different colors. I'm using the shapes, and everytime I color one shape, (i.e. the square) it changes all the other shapes to that same color! I honestly do not know how to fix this.


1: Do you use the set color block?

2: If you can, can you show me the main/important part of the code?


Yes, I do use the set color block. I can't show you the code, though. :confused:


You can screenshot by pressing the middle button and the lock button at the same time! Then, upload it to the forum through your iPad! If you can't or if you're not allowed to, then...

All I know is that set color blocks are glitchy...


It might take a while I'm on computer so now I have to log into the iPad and do it.