Hopscotch Projects Posters


Hi, I’m making posters for your projects. Just reply with your project and any special requests for the poster. I will try to do as many as I can.
Here is an example that I made for my Trampoline Simulator 1.5:


First like and reply!


That poster is actually pretty cool. I’ve got a lot of projects on my profile, maybe you could try to make a poster for one?






Wow! Honestly, that is amazingly amazingly good :slight_smile:
I never thought that it would become that great. Thank you so much!


It would be cool if you could make thumbnails for your games on hopscotch


I agree! But the projects might have to be approved before they got published if THT introduced this feature.


It most likely would have to be approved, but it’s a good idea. You should tell THT about your idea.


my idea, is that for premium-only users, they could ahve an image pop up when a hidden button is pressed.


It would be easy clickbait though…


Trail artists would go out of business. Jk


Yeah, and artists wouldn’t get to show their Art


Art would be easily stolen as well.


Yes…maybe we should make a discussion topic


Yes, maybe a topic introducing the idea of custom thumbnails.


Ok I will make it now


I don’t see how that would be a thing


Incase you were wondering, I use the app Explain Everything™️ to make my posters.


That’s a really useful app I like it a lot :ok_hand::ok_hand: