Hopscotch Projects of The Week Magazine


Hi everyone I am going to start a Hopscotch magazine that shows the best projects of the week. I did this because it gives people a chance to get mentioned. Anyway,I need some people to find cool projects and type a review from the week to put on it
Just reply if you want to be a project finder
make sure you reply with cool projects and a review each Friday


I don’t know if I have the time, but maybe I could try to reply with some cool projects. This is a great idea though!


Thanks @William04GamerA it’s ok I will find projects too



by @Dylan329
This is super cool because when people remix it is very interesting to see their timelines! Good job DylanBarrett

by @lollypopcorn
I love how the maze is drawn!

by @IShallNotBeNamed
Not many people are this talented! Just imagine how hard this would have been!

by skyarmygeneral
I have never heard of skyarmy general, but go check him out he makes epic projects like this one.
Posted by @StarCoder


Thank you so much!! :D


Thank you! :grinning:


You’re welcome


@lollypopcorn you’re welcome


@FATTCAT do you want to recommend some cool projects made this week(sorry for tagging you I just had to think of a random forumer)



by GweTV
GweTV is awesome. These kind of animations really go to prove a point.

by @dylan329
Yet again another great project by @Dylan329. The colouring book projects have really kicked off. But this is by far the best I’ve seen!

by The Real Funky 63
Honestly, with a game this fun, it can’t not go on the list.

by @IShallNotBeNamed
This is so cool, it gives a really professional feel. It is a WIP at the moment but it will become really great.


Thank you so much!
Version 2.0 will come out today! With 5 total Emojis


Thanks ;)


Thanks also
(kinda late sorry…)