Hopscotch project JSON reader

I’ll do some more research in my free time. I know that Python is a very mobile language, anyways; I’ve run Discord bots/plugins on my computer before that were written in Python, although I’m still not very sure of all of Python’s capabilities. What I am pretty sure of is the fact that there will be less bugs if we stick to Python than if we use the language alongside with another one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Haha, same here. xD

I’ll read through it as soon as I can get onto my PC tonight. Hopefully that’ll give me some more insight on what we’ll be doing. :)

Ooh, I’ve been wanting to learn about JavaScript and jQuery too, but what type of plugin exactly are you planning to make in your head? I don’t know if a json reader would be very useful for casual forum users here, but maybe if we’re able to embed a project into a post or add on some sort of web editor… oh wow, that would be revolutionary. :o

Haha, anything is possible. ^^

I need this t-shirt. XD

Yup - I need to be prepared for my future career anyway xD, plus I love coding as a hobby! ^^

I mean, I’m diving into this head first without knowing Python or any other coding language we’ll probably be using (ie. JavaScript, Rails, Ember.js, etc.). I’ll definitely be asking/searching around a lot for this :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that’d be amazing. :o

I was actually thinking about finding some sort of Python framework to code onto in order to make a downloadable Hopscotch IDE instead of a web one - there are still a lot of upsides and downsides to both ideas :smiley:

And yeah, it definitely will be more manageable with less effort needed ^^


That’s kind of what I am trying to work on right now. I’ll keep you posted if I have any updates


Ooh wow, nice! Good luck! :smiley:


Okay tags @Valgo for this


Edit: (ooh just saw @KVJ was interested too :stuck_out_tongue:)

I was messing around with the code for the forum’s spoiler plugin (the one that lets us use [spoiler]) and I have been thinking about what Valgo was trying to do with wishing there was coloured text on the forum (he made a project on Codea instead as a substitute :slight_smile:) Changed some things in the code for the spoiler and got this :laughing::

for that pic, there were just two things I added — aqua text for the spoiler text, and adding the alert when you click on it :laughing:

Here is all it is:

line for changing colour to aqua:


line for adding the ‘CLICKED’ alert :stuck_out_tongue::


I think I might remember you saying you did know some JavaScript too, Valgo, so if you (or anyone!) want to mess around with this, just let me know and I can show you very easily!

(NOTE: the pic is a local test version of Discourse on my computer, so not an actual forum or anything; sort of how like you can have a draft project on Hopscotch and it’s not useable for anyone else. But you can use it to test stuff out and it is there for building plugins. and who knows, we could even ask THT to add some plugins…if these are okay though :stuck_out_tongue:)

The default value is gray for the spoiler, if I change it to, say, purple, it comes out like this:

And you can imagine all the other colours there are. (an idea is you could try keep playing around to get it so something like [aqua]text[/aqua] will change the colour rather than relying on the default [spoiler] and removing the blur will get basically formatting text on the forum — if anyone is curious, would love to look around with you :slight_smile:) I think Valgo was doing something similar with the Codea project. (Again this is just for fun XD)

This feels just like pressing See Code in a project and changing some things to see how they work, or adding your own ideas :relaxed::relieved:

And yeah one of my dreams was to let people paste in a URL to a project on the forum, and surround it with [hopscotch] or something, and you would be able to view the code for their project without having to get an iOS device (again this is a dream :stuck_out_tongue:) We’d put the text from the JSON and add formatting to colour the text etc. but would have to look more into it.

ooh that would be cool — having a program you can download. With making a web thing, I also like web applications because it makes it easier to access from more devices (e.g. if you have an android, you can still view it) but yeah it does mean you need an internet connection. and because at the moment I can see some steps to getting to it after what we got to work on during the summer school.

I think its really awesome @MR.GAM3R that you’re working on something too :relaxed: and we can all just keep experimenting — and most welcome to jump around different projects at any time :slight_smile:


this is the greatest hopscotch-related thing i have ever seen. you’re the best hopscotcher and programmer @t1_hopscotch, not even magmapop can top you. :slight_smile:


Wow, I like how you made the [spoiler] color system! Also, the code editor you used looks awesome - what do you use? :o ^^

Yeah, that’d be really awesome! I can’t wait to see what results from @MR.GAM3R’s work :D

I’ve speculated this as well, but lots of other issues can start up, mainly viewport ones. I ran into so many of those when making my computer science website, hehe. But I’d assume that it wouldn’t be that bad if we test with different resolutions. It’s probably possible to make some sort of responsive app resolution thingy :)

Yep, that’s pretty true! :)


Wow! Do u know Java?[poll public=true]

  • Yes
  • No

Aww… no I was just lucky to learn lots (and in fact while applying for the computer science summer school, it was me talking about things that mattered to me from Hopscotch too) I actually don’t think in terms of anyone being better than anyone else — im always learning and I really think that everyone can always learn too :blush:

but that’s really lovely; thank you for that :relaxed: I think everyone is awesome though!! — really, like look at what @BuildASnowman has done, and Inty (@Intellection74) and @Valgo playing around on Codea inspired me, just as really quick examples, so sooo many Hops and there’s everyone just experimenting and exploring <3 this isn’t even much actually :joy: there are lots of things out there :slight_smile:

wow I am just conscious I guess whenever it comes to things like praise… :joy: but I really do appreciate that :relaxed:

Oh hehe I was just remixing the code from Discourse’s spoiler tags :relaxed: I really like this code editor too though I don’t think it matters too much what anyone uses — I never had a preference before finding out about this one, it is called Atom and is really customisable (was just introduced to it by some other cool kids at the summer school who know a lot more about these things :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

ooh hmm I am not really familiar with those, yeah looks like there will be problems with it too hehe :relaxed:

And ooh, I don’t know Java :open_mouth: (I learnt a little bit ago that Java and JavaScript are different things :thinking:)


Did you make your own Discourse forum?


Haha good question :slight_smile: that is just a test version — like how you can branch someone’s project on Hopscotch into your own Drafts. Discourse is open source which means it is available for everyone to look at — I followed the instructions here

basically that is a test forum that is just limited to my computer XD and you can change the code on there safely


That’s pretty cool :) do you know how to share the plugins you make so real forums can use them?

Thanks, @t1_hopscotch and @Rawrbear! I was working on a MIDI hack using Javascript (I have one working currently using JS + Swift, will share it on the forum soon), it was kinda failing, running into a lot of errors, so since you guys were talking about JSON readers and stuff I thought I could try it as well


:grin: thank you

I’m really not that experienced though, haha. I’m a slow learner I guess. Compared to you and Valgo’s crazy 3-D animations my projects look silly :stuck_out_tongue:


it is absolutely possible to do so, at the moment if I remixed the spoiler plugin, I think it would be pretty much the same instructions as how if a forum wanted to use the spoiler plugin (there are instructions on its link). there is a lot of information on Discourse Meta about developing plugins, I just haven’t looked through much yet but it is all there :relaxed:

hehe no they absolutely are not silly!! Really, mine are not advanced; I was just remixing Valgo’s cool 3D thing and adding colours to it :joy: the code was raw and messy (I showed it to the person who had gotten me more involved with Codea and they said ‘no offence but this is really messy’ </3 :joy:).

It doesn’t matter to me about anything made by anyone being advanced or not anyway; it’s just seeing you and everyone experiment and have fun that is really lovely :sob:


What about a program that takes any image and turns it into a pixel art in Hopscotch code? Similar to the one @Valgo did in Lua:


Just an idea, not sure if I will able to do that anytime soon, but it definitely be an EPIC program.


this sounds very cool :relaxed: mhmm there can be a lot of blockages in the way at times, especially with programming, aren’t there :slight_smile: I think it’s awesome alone that you’re giving it a go :blush:

ooh I think @ThinBuffalo did something at least sort of like this: get an image and put it pixel by pixel into Hopscotch:



Ooh I was mentioned :00000


Ohhh yeahhh. Finally got it working :smiley:

Prelude in C minor, BWV 847 JavaScript MIDI Hack


Nice! Is your hack open source? It seems easier to use than BAS’s hack; I’d like to try it out, if possible :smiley:


Yep! I will put up on a Github page later and then share the link.


Cool! Thank you so much!! ^^