Hopscotch project JSON reader

It’s possible for me to write something up in C++ if I learn more of it, but if anyone else wanted to contribute to the IDE (such as you or anyone else who felt like adding onto the project), Python is a widely-known language that you can make “mobile programs” with; they can be both embedded into web applications and installed onto computers, can’t they? I find that pretty neat :)

Yep, I’m pretty sure sam mentioned in the Rails development topic you linked that it’s very difficult to make a Rails app - from installing a Virtual Machine to develop to having long loading times (for something? It wasn’t clarified very well when I skimmed over sam’s post), it’s a difficult process to make something from Rails. We could still nonetheless try to cook something up, if a Discourse plugin is what we’d like to make as well :)

What we (by we, I mean @K1ish and I, the developers of the original IDE project) planned to do for the first GML IDE project we wanted to make was to:

  • Gain an API from Hopscotch to log into a Hopscotch account, then fetch .json code
  • After we receive the .json code, find a way to convert that to visual block code

Coincidentally, @K1ish and I somehow found out that we went to the same school district :o, so we were then oficially allowed to talk behind the scenes in email by the Community Guidelines’ terms. Unfortunately (and/or fortunately), when he emailed Liza about it, he received this response:

(The “Here’s a pic” picture redirects to a picture of the iTunes screen you’d see when navigating to the Hopscotch Documents directory.)

I know @BuildASnowman has done something very similar to this with his MIDI music hack; maybe he’d be willing to help out with something in general with finding the algorithm of the blocks and how they’re laid out in the .json files. :)

Yup, exactly, Hopscotch has given me a ton of insight in terms of programming. Searching up your particular problem on Google offers great solutions to problems you encounter :smiley:

Well, I’ve been planning to learn a bunch of programming languages before college anyway (including C++, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/CSS in-depth, Python, SQL, etc.). Python is definitely a great language to start it all with :D

Yeah, I’m definitely having fun learning the language and planning the development of this project here on this topic ^^ Let’s see how far we go before we crash and burn, if we do. xD

Yep, the ideas you’re sharing out are super useful! Thanks a lot for contributing to that factor as well :)