Hopscotch Project feed

Just a disclaimer I haven’t been on hopscotch for like a year so I don’t know what it looks like rn.
So something that could be added to hopscotch to increase the amount of people that see projects is a project feed. So like every modem social media platform there’s always something you can scroll through whether it be TikTok or YT shorts. Hs should have something like this but for projects and it would randomize. This is just to increase the amount of projects that get seen.

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Nothing has really changed in terms of the community. Everything is pretty much the same. The only things that changed are related to the editor (like new blocks and many bug fixes, for instance)


love this idea, it would make looking for projects to nominate for curation alot easier, and maybe there could be a sorting filter (so you could choose if you want to see projects tagged with games or art etc)


I think it would be a good idea as often times great projects sink behind a flood of new projects in newest and never get seen by people that might think it is cool because it is gone in an instant.

A randomly curated feed of projects that can be reloaded or continue on forever would be great. It could even be in the same sort of “doom-scrolling” format where only 1 project is visible at a time and would need to be scrolled past to see the next one.

Or at least that’s if I’m understanding this correctly