Hopscotch Project Betas (not the HS Beta app)



So, I am about to start one of two projects, and both would benefit from a beta program, which requires beta testers with the Hopscotch app to test the projects every time I release a beta to rate and review the features.
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How it works: the link will be provided, and everyone signed up will be tagged, and a link will be provided. This link will lead to a project that I will have just published, then unpublished. It will open without a problem in the app (as a draft), and you can run it from there. That is also why you will not see it in my profile and it is why it will not open in a web browser (it’s unpublished!).

What project should I do first?

  • E-Pad Rebuilt
  • Hopscotch Duel

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E-Pad Rebuilt is a remade version of E-Pad that will feature a working clock, polished games, and a few other useful tools, as well as other basics of an iPad.
The Hopscotch Duel will be a project where two people battle against each other, and they both choose a character with different stats and abilities that may affect their performance during a round.

New winter characters
It is not possible to press two objects at the same time

Could I be a beta tester for E-Pad Rebuilt, please?
If I can do that?


Yeah, just make sure you have the app by the time the beta drops

Beta Testers so far:


  • Yes, edit me in
  • Accidentally voted

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Wouldn’t it be easier if the poll was public?


Shoot. Yes it would help… lol


  • Yes, sign me up
  • Accidentally voted

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I would really like to test any of these mentioned upcoming projects and others as well!


Current Beta Testers:

If you still want to join, just vote in the poll above!
Beta Testers: Make sure you have Hopscotch installed


We have one problem that needs to be addressed before we can beta the Hopscotch Duel -
Set Image does not work in the editor I need (see Certain blocks don't function in the old editor) @awesomeonion @Ana @moderators

Beta Testers:




@UTheDevHS want to join my project beta once I start? The HS Duel will be the first fully fledged game with a professional feel ever in HS (not just a small game and I already have a vision for it). It will let you select between about 30 characters, most with unique moves and different stats that will require strategy to make the best choices.


Who me?


I don’t get it.


Yes I would like to join the beta!


We have one problem that needs to be addressed before we can beta the Hopscotch Duel -
Set Image does not work in the editor I need (see It is not possible to press two objects at the same time)

Beta Testers:


Wow, that’s Awesome! You really do code to make your name stand out! You’ll probably even beat the size of Loading Signs!


What do you mean by that?

After I finish, HS Duel better get game changers. Yes I am expecting it, Duel should be that good, and HS should be proud of it
After this project: +15 Imposters, +10000 Likes, +300 Notifications, +100000 Plays

New winter characters

Loading Signs is this huge project I made on Tynker! Tynker is a kids coding app with incredible performance. The reason why I said that was because Loading Signs has soooo much code in it (compared to a standard Tynker project)!

It had so much code, it just turned out to be incredibly laggy until an update I pushed out.

And finally yes! I think HS DUEL deserves a game changer!



I know of Tynker, I just didn’t know “Loading Signs” was a project name btw E-Pad has 300+ OBJECTS (~500 total clones estimate) - HS Duel will have less objects but likely more code.
Also, I am thinking of making stages, with certain stages boosting certain abilities (randomly chosen).


Imposters: Indefinite because some (a lot) Tynkerers have figured out how to remix without the default citation.

Likes: no, not 10000

Views: 300000+

Notifications: Tynker doesn’t really do that.


I’ve got those too.
And hater accounts.
Someone, ahem, @Gamecodingcrazy123, made them.


I’m just saying I will get imposters after the HS Duel for sure

The HS Duel Beta will begin once either of the bugs get fixed (set image does not work in old editor or multi-touch does not work in new) – this project will depend on both of those features working in one of the editors
The first beta will be released after all characters and moves are added, betas will mostly be testing character balance before the final release