Hopscotch Programming Puzzles


Should this topics title be:

Hopscotch Programing Puzzles & Recreational Mathematics

That might be good, so it covers programming and maths

BAS: still reading it! It’s super fascinating


So math in Hopscotch as well then?


Yeah, I guess. It’d make sense since programming basically is math. But with computers. Idk, only if we want to have both things in one topic. We could make recreational math a topic for itself. But rec math is like math puzzles and such, so sort of similar


How far do Hopscotchs computers go before they just say inf?

If anybody can figure out a way to find out that would be great! Thank you!




Short for infinite.


Ah, ok

Let me check..

I believe it’s when it prints _ * Ex
And Ex means (_)^x

And I believe it becomes infinity at 100. But I’m probably wrong


im bored so here’s the fibonacci thing in 24 lines of code with comments and prompt: https://repl.it/Ke2N/9
and here’s it sorta minified and stuff w no prompt: https://repl.it/Ke2a/0

How it works:
So it takes the input, and does a while loop for when the input is more than or equal to 0, it then make the temporary value as a, which is the number before before. Then it adds a to b, makes b the temp and that’s the output. Then it adds the output to the string and subtracts the num by 1
then it repeats



Not sure if people look at this anymore, but try to make some kind of connect four game with the ability to:

  • Render the board
  • Check for winning player
  • And place the things on a numbered column.

You should have a array with the data in it, and a few functions that are: displayBoard(board), checkWinner(board) and place(board, col, player).

Oh yeah, don’t do this in hopscotch. I mean you can, but doing it in other programming languages would be easier :p

Here’s my solution: https://repl.it/LM73/1

Have fun Hoscotching! (or not :p)


const board = [
    [`0`, `0`, `0`, `0`, `0`, `0`, `0`],
    [`0`, `0`, `0`, `0`, `0`, `0`, `0`],
    [`2`, `0`, `1`, `0`, `2`, `1`, `0`],
    [`1`, `0`, `2`, `2`, `1`, `2`, `1`],
    [`1`, `1`, `2`, `1`, `2`, `2`, `1`],
    [`1`, `1`, `2`, `2`, `2`, `2`, `1`]

(yeah gl with making this in hs)