Hopscotch Programming Language Evolution (HPLE) Topic

Hello coders! I have seen the new HPLE category and think it is a great idea. I would like to make a topic so we can discuss any new block ideas that will make Hopscotch better or if you have seen them on other coding platforms and see them implemented into Hopscotch. Sorry if I haven’t SBYP this topic.

I got a few ideas! For the ones I thought of, why don’t we have opposites of some blocks. e.g When _ is not Tapped ( opposite of When _ is Tapped ). That way, we can make a different rule and it won’t be as hard. Also, I think we should have a colour palette which we can choose a colour from. Then, it will show you the HSB or RGB Number. I believe this will help new coders if they don’t know HSB or RGB. You can reply with any thoughts and discuss anything code-related! Thank you for reading this! Have a good day/night!!! :blush:


For the When is not tapped that basically means when is not pressed but way more often


That’s kinda what the category is for.
And, this isn’t really official.


Should this be closed?

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When the category actually happens