Hopscotch profile pictures created by users!



Hello, I am Tweety and I have created a topic where you can get free profile pictures that users make on Hopscotch or something Hopscotch appropriate that you drew, this can also be animals, people, etc. Please no spam, inopropriate stuff. Try to stay on topic!


Yes its finally here XD


I can make one but for who? @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf @Tweety ideas


Hey guys!

Here is a really simple green hopscotch logo


These are some free profile pics and usercards that I created on Paint.

And I take requests for these!!!


How about we make one for @LotsaPizza so when she gets back she will see a lot of projects made for her


Free-to-use profile pics:


Could you make a panda profile pic?????????


Sure, I will work on that after a chibi I am drawing


Here is a vampire girl that I created

I'm not that good at iPad drawing



can't like right now here is a :heart:


Everything that users have posted are fine, I clearly stated that you can draw animals, people, etc. You simply miss used the quote


Sorry, but how would they be related to Hopscotch, other than being the profile of a Hopscotch Forum user?


People can also get ideas on new projects, re-create the hopscotch logo.


Here is a panda that is free to use for a profile picture

@CrystalPanda for you


How do u change ur profile pic


These were just some pics I found online, but they are cool!

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