Hopscotch Prison CHAPTER 2


Chapter 2
SmileyAlyssa stood in her jail cell. "Another day..." She grumbled. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed her being unhappy. As SmileyAlyssa it was her job to be positive so everyone else was. But how was she going to get ALL Hopscotchers out? This HopscotchHATER was mad with power!

SmileyAlyssa, YuxinaYammy and Sugarisyummy stood in the chat room. The HopscotchHATER was at least nice enough to let them walk around outside their cells.
"How are we going to get out?" Sugarisyummy asked.
"I'm not sure," SmileyAlyssa replied. She noticed YuxinaYammy beckoning over a couple other Hopscotchers. BananaDog, Rawrbear, treefrogstudios, KVJ, Bubbles4Ever929 and Gilbert189.
"What were you saying yesterday, Gilbert189?" YuxinaYammy asked.
Gilbert189 sighed. "HopscotchHATER clearly, has been bullied himself. So he wants to get revenge."
"So then why would he imprison all the other Hopscotchers, and not just the one who bullied him?" treefrogstudios asked. "But.... They shouldn't be in prison either." She added quickly.
"I don't know," Gilbert189 admitted.
"Wait." Bubbles4Ever929's voice rose. "There's one Hopscotcher, who's not in prison. XiaoMiaoMi!"
"You're right! But isn't she gone?" KVJ pointed out.
"There's a way we can signal her." Bubbles4Ever929 tipped her head back and called out, "@XiaoMiaoMi!" A girl shimmered into view. She had long black hair and she looked very confused.
"What am I doing here?" She asked. "SmileyAlyssa, Rawrbear, Gilbert189? Where am I?"
"Hopscotch Prison." BananaDog replied. "But you're not a Hopscotcher anymore. So you can go back. Sign into your Fourm Account. Make a new post write @BananaDog @Gilbert189 @Rawrbear @KVJ @Bubbles4Ever929 @treefrogstudios @SmileyAlyssa @YuxinaYammy @Sugarisyummy. We will help to bring all the Hopscotchers back."
XiaoMiaoMi nodded and disapeared.

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