Hopscotch "Press The Button"! (Keep it HS-Related!)


This was inspired by @Gilbert189 's "Would You Rather?" topic. It's quite funny, check it out!

So for those who don't know, "Would You Press The Button?" Is a game very similar to Would You Rather?, played between at least two players. The idea is, you have a button, and when you press it, you get an extreme power, but a downside to that extreme power, or vice versa. The point is to see if you are willing to risk the downside for the upside, and it's a pretty fun game!

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The format should look something like this:

@randomguy, @randomguy2, @anotherrandomguy:
- You can transform into anything you want!
- But you have to stay that thing for a week.

Would you press it?

  • Yeah!
  • No


Of course, it should be Hopscotch-related.

Happy button-pressing!

  • Be featured 3 times a day and never have a liked project
  • Be on Game changers 3 times a week and never be followed




You could meet any hopscotcher that you want to meet in real life!
But you can't use your drawing pad, or favorite drawing pads for a month.

Would you press the button? :D


IT was @Gilbert189's topic lol


@SmilingSnowflakes That's a good one!
I'm going to have to press the button though! Meeting ANY Hopscotcher IRL would be an amazing experience! The only bad part would be choosing!
As for the draw-pads... Well, at least others get to use them! Plus, I still code a bit!

But yeah, this actually was pretty hard for me to decide! XD




epic facepalm

I'll just go change that now...


You could make a project that gets over 900000000 likes but it would only have to be a remix from someone which did all the work. And you take credit

Would you press that button?

The likes part is exaggerated


@Anonymous would you-

I seriously just typed that.

Let's try this again... XD


You get on game changers, featured 10 times, and you meet the hopscotch team and go to the HQ.
But you can never use the set sound block again.

Would you press the button?


I wouldn't press the button! :D


You're too nice @SmilingSnowflakes! ;D


Sorry @UptownStudios but the featured is basically impossible. THT puts everyone's favorite up onto featured



You get on Game Changers for a project all about smiley faces and people get inspired to make amazing projects about smiley faces...


You will never be able to use smiley faces of any sort again.

Would you press the button?

I have a feeling I know what you're going to say...


I wouldn't press the button. :D


I knew it! :D

The smileys will always depend on you! :D


Sure lol
ill make sure the "featured" projects are music XD



You can meet the hopscotch team and go to the HQ!
But you need to change your name to 'patotos wil rul 4evr' and only make projects with a good game, but with the worst grammar possible.

Would you press the button?


Would you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably not.

I'm pretty sure (80%), that I wouldn't be able to go there even if I did. ;-;


Now... The question is...

Would you, @Anonymous?


Sure, I'd make a game with no words. :P

Also, you never said I wouldn't be allowed to change my name back! :P

Sorry, I had to. XD

Okay, time for the actual response. :laughing:

Hmm... This is a hard decision.

On the one hand, my natural grammar Nazi instincts would kick in and start annoying me. On the other hand, however, I really want to visit Hopscotch HQ...

I think I probably would, as long as I could find a way to make the controls understandable despite the horrible grammar.


why not xD