Hopscotch Presidential Vote


Hello guys and welcome to the vote of Hopscotch.
It happens every four years and you guys might not have the chance to do this irl, since we're all kids.


Here is your chance to vote! These votes are private, so don't worry about the judging and such.
Please do not post about who you voted for, that is private. You may collab about stuff like this, but I just ask no judging.

Good voting!
(This poll will close Tuesday night Central time)

  • Hillary Clinton + Kaine
  • Donald Trump + Pence


I'd also ask if NO flam wars happen, please.

Polls and politics topic 2
PRESIDENT Trump Wins the Election

Please do not get upset about these votes, there not official (obviously).


I'm here to say the news! So far, Trump and Clinton are tied, but Hillary Clinton was first to be winning!



They both suck were screwed


I agree. I'm scared for America and the real vote tommorow.


Ya I know



Hes not gonna win...

Unless he does.


Guys im not sure politics is okay for da forum...


Hope you know​:rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:


That's true. I should've not have don't this.

(Lol I suc.k at English)


True very true :neutral_face: Llll


Nah, unless it goes like this:

I VOTE FOR HILLARY :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: TRUMP SUCKS
Dude If hillary wins all our jobs will get lost get a brain stupid :neutral_face:
Nah nah duuumb trump supporter :joy::joy::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
But if he builds a wall were screwed :smirk:
STOPO IT :rage::rage::rage::rage:
(that does not show my opion so pppplllll)



Maybe we sould recycle.


I'm so sorry I'm just very scared


How do I recycle?

20 characters bleh


Change the title and the description into another topic! :)))



There was no flame wars yet.

If people dont like it, dont vote!

(but if there is then close it)


Nooooooooooooo!? Or maybe!?


This is actually for a Social Studies project...
But I could've done it a different way. I mean, this is terrible/bad.



I don't like neither but I voted Hillary cuz why not