Hopscotch presidential election!



Who wants to be hopscotch president?

To apply to be a candidate, you fill out this form:

Do you think you're qualified for president?
How long have you been using the forum?
What is your trust level?
Are you active?
What is your username?

To apply to be a candidate. The election will take place on November 21th. The winner will get a nice shoutout, spam likes, and a nomination for featured!

Be good kids and go vote!



Hopscotch presidential election voting booth!
Hopscotch presidential election speeches
Hopscotch presidential election speeches

Can someone get me the OMTL? My phone is glitching out and won't let me copy it.


No one? Can anyone reply?



Here's the OTML (or were you too lazy to copy it? :smirk: Jk jk)

List (87 tags)


:stuck_out_tongue: no I was not. My phone won't let me copy things in this website


I know lol XD idk :stuck_out_tongue:


@KVJ has to apply himself!


Oh man


@KVJ @KVJ plz be there




@IShallNotBeNamed you should run! You've been on HSF for a very long time!


Do you think you're qualified for president? Yes? I wouldn't apply If I thought otherwise. XD
How long have you been using the forum? Just past a year, I started the day the forum became available to everyone.
What is your trust level? Regular.
Are you active? Yes, at least an hour a day.
What is your username? @IShallNotBeNamed.


You are now running for HS president!


You deserve to run and win, ISNBN! Go!

and now let us await someone daring to challenge the almighty trail art wizard @ishallnotbenamed, even more powerful than he-who-will-be-named-voldemort himself.


Haha. Thanks! But, so far there is no one else...


If this kicks up, I'm most certainly coding/drawing posters and banners for you, haha.


peeps out of hole

ive been summoned hello what do you need :D


Will u run for HS president?


Who, me???


I would but I'm not qualified at all. I'll think about it I guess, but ISNBN in trail art? Man, she'll rise up to president immediately.


Hi! Will you run? Please?


I would run but I know I'm gonna lose so there's no point XD