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This is where you need to post your speeches for the election in 2 days! The speech should be about why you should win and be about 5-7 sentences long. Please try to make sure to use proper grammar.

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Hopscotch presidential election voting booth!

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My name is Bella, and I am running for president because I believe that we can all work together to make Hopscotch even better than it is now.
Lately, there have been a lot of haters, impersonators–you name it. We've been doing a good job staying strong, and supporting victims of bullying, but what if this wasn't necessary? We can find a way to show haters that we don't care if they bully us, because we're strong enough to know that "haters gonna hate", and we're just going to ignore them.
I will also work with Hopscotchers to bring new ideas to Hopscotch–collaborations, innovative and projects that will make an impact on the Hopscotch we know now.
Lastly, I will try to gather a crew to constantly go around Hopscotch and "clean up", meaning deleting rude posts on community accounts, (we've been doing a good job of this!) stopping flame wars from happening, etc.
I hope I will be able to make an impact on Hopscotch. Thank you.


I am Glitter Kitty, one of the oldest forum users. I was on the first week it was released to beta testers. Why did I state this? How long I have been on the forum gives me understanding. I have seen it all on the forum, the supposed "Dark Ages", the first leader promotions, I was there. I am also a good listener. I understand other people's point of views, and consider them thoroughly before making a decision. I like to think of myself as a helpful person, as well. If elected, I will do my best to make the forum a better place, a safe and kind place for everyone. Let's increase our positivity as we step into a new, kind era of the forum. Thank you.

(This was longer than 7 sentences, is that okay? XD)


Hello world of Hopscotch! My name is the one and only NeoPixel! I know that I am not the biggest Hopscotchers ever, and I know that the forum community isn't the strongest it has been in the past. We've had flame wars, people leaving, Hopscotchers that accidental say the wrong thing be flagged numerous times. I know that feeling. I knew that the HS Forum is crumbling from the top to the foundation that it was built on. But, there is still hope. There IS a way! There are great, up-and-coming Hopscotchers, there are ways for you to stop the flame wars, THERE IS A WAY! If you Hopscotchers listening to this speech right there, yeah, you, with that big heart of yours, if you STEP UP HERE WITH ME, we can change this! We can turn around the flame that has been spewing! We can stop hate, we can stop this trend of the "leaving wave", and turn it AROUND! I'm not asking for your vote, and I'm not asking for any likes, I just want this message to be heard! We WILL come together, we WILL stop the hate and bullyin.g, and we WILL rebuild what has been destroyed! I, NeoPixel, will make this community great agai-nope, not referring to Trump, nope, not doing it, nope, nope, nope...

I promise to you that this community will be rebuilt, will have less flames, and places to reveal their hidden worries. I will make sure that no Hopscotcher will be left behind! Everybody! If you want change, if you want reconstruction, and if you want to be a person that supports the change...


*mic drop

My signs and badges are down below. Download them and spread them over this forum! (Actually, don't... Or maybe do... I dunno.)

HS Forum is not responsible for the content of this speech. Elle XD


Walks in holding an iPad
Hi hops! I'm @IShallNotBeNamed in the HSF and I Shall Not Be Named in HS. As you know, I'm doing this speech for the Hopscotch presidential election. So, first of all, this speech doesn't have to be me bragging and telling you to vote for me in a awkwardly formal way. That would just be boring. Before I start, I'd like to state that it's your vote, you don't have to vote for me. I know it takes a lot of trust to vote for someone, and some of you may trust me, some of you may not. I honestly don't mind, I'll respect your opinion, but I am working hard everyday to gain your trust.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been on HSF for a while now, just past a year. I started as soon as the forum became public. I've been on Hopscotch, the app that inspired it all, for nearly two years. I started in February, 2015 I've been here long enough to both have experience and to have seen our community change over time. If you haven't been here for that long, and I showed you what it used to be like on Hopscotch, it'd be unbelievable! In fact... Holds up iPad

Well, actually that was the old editor, which most of us remember, but how about this?

Even before that, I have been around. I had been here before the different tabs existed, like when there was only Newest and Levels. I'm quite experienced and know the history of Hopscotch. I've also read through the Hopscotch blogs.

Anyway, more recently, here's a little about me. I have had over ten features in Hopscotch and THT follows me. However, it took me longer than most people to get good at coding. I believe that anyone can get good at it, with enough effort and will power. I have had numerous friends in Hopscotch and on the forum. My biggest inspiration of all time was ToasterRebellion, but she's gone now. My forum role models are @Intellection74, @Maltese, and @KVJ, they're awesome! Go check out my bio for more info about me.

OMG, I just realized it has to be 5-7 sentences long!
Let's redo this. XD

Hi, hops! I'm ISNBN/@IShallNotBeNamed/I Shall Not Be Named. I'm running for the Hopscotch presidential election. Whether or not I win is all on your hands. I think I'd be successful because I've been here for literally forever, I can accept everyone's opinions, and I understand others' points. I always try to think of a way to make things better. I'm respectful to everyone and have just about no actual enemies in Hopscotch. I know it takes a lot of trust to gain someone's vote and not all of you may trust me enough, especially with all these other great candidates, but I honestly am working everyday to gain your trust. However, I don't mind being unsuccessful or "losing" because success is getting what you want, but happiness is wanting what you get and I'm okay with what I already have. Let's finish this off with my logo! Holds up iPad again.
Accedentally messes it up and shows a trail art scribble on the screen.
Walks out, and realizes I totally messed up, trying to make a speech fun
Thinks: It just ended up being weird, not motivational.


I am @Periwinkle_Dolphin, a newer user. I'll help the community, and be on often. I will also become regular. I will be active everyday (unless I lose privileges), and request updates. I know I'm still Member, but I can still give a lot of assistance (unless it's put on lounge). Although I'm not even popular, I can help so everyone who wants to can make it to the front page! Even when I'm gone, I will make sure weekly everyone is helped. I try to make HS more well known. I will be a good guideline to the community. I will make Hopscotch better!


I still dont know what to write for a speech!
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Hey as u all guys know im @Paige1212!
I know there has been flame wars,flagging,and so much more!
So i will try to make hsf a better place and as good as it could be!
I will be always kind to new and amazing users and help people by telling them the things that are right and things they should try!
I will try my best to be active and the kindest i could be!
So i would like to thank all the people and hops that have guided me along the way and have been kind to me!
I want to make the forum a better place by stopping flame wars and flagging if i can!
So i want everyone to be kind to everyone and be happy and that is what i want to change!
And everyone should do that irl and on hs and hsf!
Goodbye for tonight! -@Paige1212

My mottos: i love every hopscotcher, have fun everyday!


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Difference is, you're sweggier than me and deserve to be a role model.

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