Hopscotch Presidental Election


ok u know @zachyswag made another one but I think it isn't fair because not everyone could participate in it so this is an another one nope that doesn't me @ishallnotbenamed is not the president but I want to hold another contest so yep.

Would u participate:
HS username
Trust level
(deadline to join 5th of december)

steps to make u president
U will be sorted out into groups
U compete against each other in groups writing essays making a project blah blah blah describing why you would be good
And at the end of the year we will vote!!
if you were nominated by someone you will be automatically in but you don't need to write an essay

Group 1:
Group 2:
Group 3:
Group 4:

Facts about competitors


HF username: @ButterBark
HS username: ButterBark_01
Trust level 3
Features: None -.-
Rising:I am so sad- no

@ishallnotbenamed would u mind if the chosen one will like work with u????


here is my entry because im trash

None -.-
I am so sad- no


I am so trashy XD I would never be elected


Can we nominate someone? If so I'll nominate @KVJ


Nobody would vote for me I'm just garbage


Actually, everyone was able to participate. Before the given deadline, anyone who filled out the form could enter.

Also, yes the winner may work with me. When's the election going to be?


Ok but the deadline will be longer !!! (^o^)/
The election will be around Christmas!!
So I will tag u the next time I need u
@ButterBark @Himynameismeredith1 u are in
@cash @kvj u are nominated


Idk :neutral_face:
Not a chance


Make sure to have some time between the deadline to enter and the election, so you can organize. Also, in that gap of time, you should have them do their campaigns and speeches. Just some suggestions. ;)






Don't you, you know, nominate someone and they accept it or decline it to be the run for president? And then they get voted again for e representatives of each party. Afterwards, there are debates and such and then Election Day.


Also for the group,can I be in the Blahpublican group?
@hermione y u stalking me and liking my posts?