Hopscotch President!



So, the election just happened. New president!! Lot to take in. Anyways, I've decided to make a contest called Hopscotch president.

Now, there will be more than 1 president. There will be hopscotch countries, which are types of coding.

Okay, these are the countries u can be elected for!
1. Trail Art
2. Pixel Art
3. Games/movies
4. Art

Now, here is how it works:
Reply to me on this topic and put the country you want to be elected in, and your username on hopscotch. Then, post a project that fits in your hopscotch country, and title it #HopscotchPresident2016.
Now, anyone can vote for whichever project they are voting for by liking the project! Thx for reading this!!!! Hope you want to get elected!!!!
BTW, you can make anything, it does not have to be related to the election.


I want @Dylan329 for pixel art


Woo-hoo! Thank you.

Dylan329 for pixel president!

Make pixels great again! Idk xD


Nice topic @TheBloomingGarden


Thanks for signing up! Okey dokes! Start on a project(pixel art) and we'll see the votes!


Ok!!!! Just like his pixel art project when it is finished to vote for it!!!!


Can I give a link to one of my pixel arts.


Sure! (That would make it easier)


Ok, thanks give me a minute,


Here are 3 of my pixel arts (that got featured)

  1. Halloween pixel art

  2. Gumball and Darwin pixel art

  3. Pikachu pixel art

Those are my best pixel arts I have done!



Awesome!! I will choose the one that may get you elected


This how I feel when I don't get a featured


How is he not elected he is THE PIXEL ART MASTER


Or we could have a poll what about that


Okay. I think the Halloween one. But people will have to vote for you on here, because u made the project before the contest


I vote @SmilingSnowflakes for trail art she is so good at everything like wow


@Serenity could u run for art President????


like how is she so good at everything wow

wow how wow

how now brown cow


Okay..... she has to enter, so @SmilingSnowflakes would u like to enter?


Thank you Maltese. XD ;u;

But unfortunately I don't think I have enough time to enter atm. ;o;