Hopscotch President



Hello, Hopscotchers! I have made a Hopscotch President Project. Check out Boom CoolPool (Me) to see!



Sounds Cool.
Welcome to the Forum.


Hello and welcome to the fourm @SlamAKnife! If you ever need me, just put my name in front of the @ symbol and I'll try to help you my very best!


Welcome to the forum. If you need help type @Themasterofairjitzu if you want, and I'll check your project out :D, btw you have like ten replies on your first day


I like some of your cool projects. :D


Cool! Welcome! Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"!


Cool project! :D
Btw, welcome to the forum! Tag me anytime like this: @RubyStars


Are you NidroidGames?


Yup! I'm Nindroid Games™ Hi
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