Hopscotch posts on my blog!


I just got the Wordpress app on my iPad.
Does anyone have ideas for games to review, tutorials, or anything else?
I will not be able to do everything but I will do some!
If you request a tutorial please add the steps :stuck_out_tongue:
This may not work but I am willing to give it a try!
Here is a link to my blog.
Now, ask away!


Anyone have posts ideas??? :persevere:


How about one about a whole thing what your working on on hopsptch!Btw love your blog!


Can you post da link again. It's not working for me.


Thanks! What exactly do you mean?


Done :#


Like post on your blog what you are working on hopscotch!


Mmm I don't have any WIPs....


maybe add your own featured section of projects you think should be featured? sorry i dont think i can get to the blog with my chromebook :\


What is Chromebook? I would have to ask permission for featuring projects...do you know of any projects by active Forum members?


a chromebook is like a small laptop that my school uses instead of ipads... and maybe @Gilbert189's #StopBullying project?


@Ruubie is it okay if I put your Minecraft on my blog (With credit) as a project that should be featured but is not?