Hopscotch Points System!



This is for regulars only. Sorry! I will expand to members soon.

Hey Hopscotchers! I'm going to announce something today. It might seem kinda weird, but I'm going to work this out. I hope this works!

What is it F4LO?
It's called, the

Points System!

Basically, I will be monitoring the forum for good behavior. If I see someone standing up, or making a brilliant topic, helping the forum, you get points! These points can be used in a shop. You're probably thinking: "-_-, I don't care" but you can have advantages on Hopscotch and the forum!

Y U do dis

because why not Well, us leaders are kinda getting stressed out on the forum. There's so much to do, and only 6 of us non-THT members. (Except system, but you know what I'm talking about) With this system, (no, not @system) hopefully there will be less incidents.
Thanks! :D

Here's da Shop:
25 likes on Hopscotch & 15 on the Forum: 20 points
Want likes? No problem! Buy this item and you will get the bundle!
50 likes on Hopscotch & 30 on the Forum: 40 points
Want even moar likes? You got it! Buy this awesome bundle!
Music Request: 60 Points
You can request a music piece with 60 points! I will only do it if I have heard it before! If you request something that I am not familiar with, you will have to request something else!
I will only be accepting 3 music requests in one month.
Illuminati Request: 65 Points
Want to have an illuminati project dedicated to you, or another hopscotcher/thing? You can buy it with 65 points.
Point Bonus:70 Points
Buying this will give you an additional 2 points every time you earn points
Music For Your Project: 100 Points
If you have a project that you need music for, no worries! F4LO will make it for you for 100 points.
A Shoutout: 125 points
Feel like you need a shoutout? It's going to happen if you buy this item! :D
There will be more items! Feel free to reply with some prize ideas, but for now, I'm out of ideas :bow:🏻

Questions that I feel like People are going to Ask:

How can I get points?

Simple! Try to be nice on the forum. If you are already encouraging people, doing the right thing, you will earn lots of points!
Some ways you can earn points:
Stand up to someone
Encourage someone to try something
Post positive and nice things to a fellow hopscotcher
Create topics that are educational and good for the forum
Include someone in a team competition
Make a project for someone (and make a topic about it so I can see)

Can I join?

Well... There are LOTS of people on the forum, and only one person to manage all of this. I'm just going to say that all people with the "regular" title (and up) can participate. (No need to ask) (That means that all regulars+ can participate.) if you are a regular and do not have a title, sorry. I might not count you. If you are a leader, you don't need to worry. If you are a regular that doesn't want to participate, simply take the regular title off, or let me know.

Can I help Manage?

Well, here's the thing. This can be rigged easily, so I'm going to recruit the leaders to participate in hosting this.
@liza <------ wanna participate?

Information for the leader recruits

You were recruited because you guys are leaders. You can edit a topic, so you can add points in. You can give points, but remember, don't give TOO much. No bias pls.
You can participate too, if you would like to. You get a point bonus if you join.

Can you Take away Points?

Yes, and no. It will be very rare. Unless I see something that violates the community guidelines SO MUCH, I will take away points. (Again, only if you are participating)

Will you give point bonuses?

Nope. Sorry.

What if I don't have time?

Unless you plan on quitting the forum, I don't think you will "not have time". This is reflecting how you act on the forum. You don't have to do anything extra, just act cool on the forum. If you really don't want to join, it's ok. I will respect you and take your name out.

When will it start?

The moment I posted this topic, it started!

Where will you give out the points?

I will just comment "nice reply! +positive stuff" and give you points. It wouldn't be off topic because I am complimenting them.

What if the staff aren't on, and I do something good?

Well, unless someone tags the staff about what you did, chances are that you won't get points. If someone thinks your post was super, they can tag us there. You cannot tag yourself.

Is Anyone Reading This?

Because I wrote a lot. If you ask me something that has been up here, I will go ---_-.
So if you didn't read above, please do.

So get on supporting! Be awesome and you can earn yourself points!

What if someone changes their personality?

Well, this shouldn't make you change your personality. If we see sudden changes, it's likely that you aren't going to gain points.

Copying someone's topic

If you would like to join, do So! If you are one of the selected peeps, please reply if you want to do it or not!


I'm in! Great idea! :D


Wahoo! :D


Ya ummm. How will we keep track of this??


Going to make s topic on points. Currently, Gilbert is in the lead XD


Oh can I join? Its okay if I cannot I justwant to!


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Not really interested... It is kinda like begging for likes...


@Anonymous, this will really help people improve behavior!

If you want, I can help with some prizes, like shoutouts! I could do one on my account for them! :D


Wooh, so you are in?


@SmilingSnowflakes wanna participate?


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Can I join, I asked twice?


Can I join! I stuck up for you today so do I get points for that :thinking:?


This seems awesome! I want to join! Ahhhhhhhhh I see.... So close to being regular... ;n;


Alright. A bit confusing, but I'm in.


Sure! :D


Yes! I will add them soon. @Bubbles4Ever929, read the whole thing pls


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