Hopscotch Points System!



Lol I have no points. XD
I am such a bad person
(I am making a joke)


Good. I asked, because I only got 7 points I think.


Okay, I dunno if I already joined, but... Why not? XD. I haven't been on the forum much and I honestly don't understand this.


This is off-topic, but how did you change your title to a custom one? Mine has only two options - none and regular.


@Kiwicute2016 is doing requests! Request on the topic! (Somewhere in newest)


Here @Sparkczy!


Sooo, are the leaderboard just closed?


What do you mean?


Your, Point System Leaderboards topic? What is that for?


To keep track of points lol


It's just closed so we can't post lol


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I made a huge shoutout to @Bananadog do I get anything?


Thanks @Anonymous for my first points! :smile:


Aliens did it


Sorry, I don't give out points if people ask! D: it's supposed to be noticed gradually


Anonymous=alien confirmed


Oh okay sorry!!!!!!!!


@Anonymous Can I get an Illuminati request, maybe? =D


Okey wait I have to remind myself