Hopscotch points game << pls join ^o^



This will be the best thing ever that I made. :smiley: (I mean topic )
So @Anonymus made the points in hopscotch forum but not in hopscotch so I thought I should make one.


You have to make a nice project and post the link.
When the "judges decide if it should deserve points you will get 5 points.

Ways to get higher points C:D

To get higher points
1. You will get 8 point if it is a quote/related to LGBT+/Racism/Flame wars e..t.c
2. If another hopscotcher nominates that project you get 10 points.


10 points - like from a judge
15 points - follow from a judge and 5 likes
20 points - 10 likes and 2 follows from one of the judge
25 points - 15 like and a shout out
30 points -20 likes from all judges and a shoutout
50 points -25 likes and shoutout a and a follow
100 points- follows 3 judges, 20 likes , shoutout ,5 points, Coding partner (< will be @Hermione

@SmilingSnowflakes ?
@Gilbert189 ?
@system ? XD
@PopTart0219 ?

to join if you are a regular you are auto magically in but if you don't want to join just say.

if you are an member fill this form out

How long you have been on HS
Your best project!

Tag list time



Just a question...don't projects only get on Trending if they get a lot of likes/remixes within the first hour they're published? Or a lot of likes/remixes in a short period of time?
I thought I heard that in a project by @SmileyAlyssa . Just wondering.


I'm not that sure actually...


Korrekt! Projects get on trending when they've got a decent/large number of likes and plays in a period of time. XD


Are you going to be the judge pls....


I'll think about it, but I'm not sure if I want to be following random (idk maybe not random lol) people as a prize.




I agree so I changed the prises LoL :D

2 :D masters posted on this topic has to :D eel before them (kneel before them)


Can I be judge? Pls?


Could I be judge? Pls?


I don't think some parts are good ideas.

First of all, the point shop.
You're forcing people to follow someone who may be a remixer, or someone they don't want to follow. Same with likes.

The LGBT-related point earning part?
Many dislike LGBT.

And it's totally unfair if members have to fill a form out while regulars don't.

What about demoted regulars, like me?


The period of time is the first four hours.