Hopscotch Poem Contest!


Poem Contest! Read on, poets!

Hello guys! I would like to make a poem contest!
It is simple. To enter, say your username and what type of poem you will make. For example:
I would like to join!
Username: Catface4&Celery
Poem type: Acrostic

As simple as that!
Post your entry on this link:
I made the account so you aren't remixing from a random account. :smiley:
All entries will receive prizes. First and second will receive a bit of a bigger prize which is:
5 :heart:
1️⃣ follow
A choice of:
Drawn request

Theme - anything
Use link provided
Title - CF4PoemContest

Any questions? Just ask!

  • Catface4


Entry prize is 3 :heart:️, 1️⃣ follow, & a shoutout!


The thing is, I am really bad at poems. Good luck in the contest though, I am not going to join. :smile:


I love poetry! I am remixing a poem I wrote


Um, this is already a topic...

(Sry if you are tagged, and sry I'm a party pooper)


Oh, I didn't go on the forum much at all when that topic was posted. But that topic is different than this one. That is a poetry club, and this is just a little contest I put together.


Could more people join if possible?


No one else joined so.... you automatically win!

Although no one else joined, it would have probably won if other people had done it! I thought the poem was different. A good different. Shel Silverstein would applaud if he read it!


My favorite poet :D


Thank you, just tell me what I have won and Ifor I need to do anythibg