Hopscotch Photos- Request Here! Please use these in Topics!


I will post pictures here that you can use in other topics. You can also request them!

For example:


Cool! Did you make these yourself or find them off the internet? Did you edit some pictures? Either way, great idea @IKeudin.


I made them myself! Thanks!


Wow, they're amazing! How did you make them?


I've got an app, It's called Assembly.


Wow! These are so good! If I need to request something I'll come here. :D




O.M.G. These are amazing! I'll request one when I need it :)


Wow! I have assembly but I am very bad at using it...


Wow those are amazhang!


Hi @IKeudin!! Can you tell me about your profile pic? I am really inspired by it!! Would it be okay if I made a game based off of it? :smiley: I would give credit of course


Yes, sure! It's a dribble GIF. It's a polar bear following a dot but I like to think that's it's a bubble!


Ok, thanks so much! :smiley: