Hopscotch photography competition!



I am holding a photography competition. Just post a cool photo like this and the winner gets a shoutout, follow and a bunch of likes!

aah sorry it's a bit blurry! For some bonus likes can you guess what this landmark is?


The Arch in St.Louis?


Nope! But good guess. Here's a clue, it's in London.


Here's my picture. It's a nice nature scene. : D


Ooh that's absolutely beautiful!


Then I have no idea : /

I live in the U.S. and have never been to London. : O


If it was at sunset, it would be better.


It's night for us here in London 22:41 to be exact!



My grandma went to visit my cousins in Finland for 3 weeks, so she is asleep by now.

It's like 1 A.M. for them.


Woah that's late. BTW did you take the photo from your house? I dunno I'm imagining you on a boat and your looking at ur iPad and your parents are trying to get you off it. I dunno I'm weird.


London for the win! And the rest of Britain too lol.

And now it's midnight… on the dot...



Or this one:

Or this one:

Or the last one:


This is pretty bad it's the runner in our city-the trees


Is it the London Eye? Anyway, I'll join! Guess what this is.
I enter it. Credit to Deadfr for the picture.

I actually enter this. What is it?


First one is poly art macaroons?

Second one is Hopscotch logo! c:


I was on a ferry on the top level during vacation in Wisconsin.
I wish that was my house. It was SO pretty!!


Ah...I will never win this. Y does no 1 laik what i laik?!


Wait what are you saying?


Kewlness topicness!
Tomorrow when it's light I'll enter!