Hopscotch phone book idea


So I just thought of this great idea where someone makes a hopscotch phone on hopscotch and we put our username in there and an emoji of our choose and then whenever we make something we add a number next to our username and emoji and we change the number every time we post one or a few things!

(Someone please make a poll I don't know how to sorry!)


So kind of like a phone book for hopscotch.....?


yes kind alike a phone book


I'm sort of more a visual person....maybe you could make a project to show me? I'd love to help.


I can barely code I am so bad at coding


Hey you maybe want to invite some people?


Hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........................ask @SmileyAlyssa? Maybe?


(Thanks for tagging me)

@Angidrawings this sounds like a cool idea! Could you describe it a little more?


Or @Bananadog? I guess...?


I can make a poll for you.

What are the options you want people to vote for on your poll?


Ask him, I guess....(I used to remember how to)


We will make a phone like background with 7 pages where people can put username fav emoji and when they post stuff on hopscotch they put down a new number that is higher then the last and when they want to text people there is 7 pages on a diffrent phone for that too so they put down there emoji and they ask them questions! @SmileyAlyssa


I will help
I can't right now


@Angidrawings topic's poll

  • I Will Help
  • I Can't Right Now


Votes are public.


Is it like coding help?


Yes because we need all the help we can get and also want to join the sparklecoders group so you can help us as a coder too in that group


Sorry. I'm not very active on Hopscotch as I used to so I don't think I'm able to help you.:confused: Good luck on the project though!:grinning:


I sort of get what your thinking........unless what you think is something else than what I think your thinking. If that even makes sense. So it's like a contact book, but it keeps track of how many projects you make?


I'll try to help

Just ask anybody


If the project works out I'm definitely going to play it!:grinning: