Hopscotch Pet Peeves


Everyone has things that annoy them. When you just can't find the perfect angle for something, when a value isn't working and you don't know why, glitches, certain noises on the keyboard, the list goes on and on and on. Tell some of your pet peeves below, and who knows! Maybe you just might get advice on how to fix that music project that just won't work. :smile:


I got none...... Sigh..... Except for some things I haven't discovered yet...


One of mine is when I've gotten almost to the end of a value based project, and then one of the main values is in the wrong block. And you have to go back and recode the entire thing.



Always accurate


Here's one:

How much likes do I have?
How much followers do I have?

Always 0.

So Happy.



There is hidden optical illusions that I see when I code projects!

  1. When values are being annoying
  2. When I can't figure out how to work sins and cos
  3. When I spell something wrong then publish it
  4. When I forget my idea! (I'm kinda used to this one now :P)


Number 1 is my life currently. Coding personality quizzes is g r e a t.


I have so many....
• when I sit down to code and my mom calls
• when values are not working
• when I have to make multiple rules on multiple characters to make something work
• when I get addicted to a game on HS


Mine are:
1. Having too much code in a rule, but organizing into abilities will make you have to open the ability to continue coding
2. Experimenting on waits and finding out the wait that worked before is too short
3. Losing something important that was copied when using HSBs
4. That Check Once if/Else equation bug and you don't feel like dragging the blocks out

3 used to be a big problem, but then I used Set Text abilities just for copy-pasting….

  • Losing Code
  • Having Spelling Errors
  • Values Not Working
  • Sitting at my i-pad for 12 hours on the same code because of values not working (this was today and other days)
  • Seeing a hate remix
  • To much code then trying to organize it in values but then you delete it...

  1. Clones. I love 'em, but they are so unpredictable and impossible to debug.
  2. Remixes with no credit. I love the ability to take other people's stuff and make it your own, but when you just copy someone's work and claim it as your own it gets on my nerves. Its plagiarism.
  3. Hopscotch glitches. Every once in awhile there will be a glitch that makes me lose data or crashes the game or something like that which REALLY gets on my nerves.
  4. Accidentally deleting a big piece of code. This is a big one. I'll be trying to change the location of a big check once if block or a repeat forever block and I'll accidentally let go over the side bar which deletes the whole code, no prompt or anything.



Please stay on topic.


When your drawing and it glitches and a long line goes across the screen! :3


Reviving this topic becruz (get it? haha lol)


When I assign a value to the wrong thing by accident and I can't recreate the value with the same name or code. :persevere:


I don't like this emoji when used improperly: :wink:


Mine is when I want to code but I am terrible at it, or the idea just doesn't seem so good anymore!
Another one is when I am typing a long text and then accidentally exit out of it and lose all my typing effort.
And also when I am drawing and then I select the wrong colour and then ruin everything.
I'm such a mess. :sweat_smile: