Hopscotch partner needed!



I really need a good a good coding partner, someone that codes good someone that I have to trust and so much more so, you HAVE to be in hopscotch for at least 3 months, tell me you username, and email!
Random tag list


Sorry @Deadfr, I already have a coding partner :sob:


its ok @UptownStudios


I do, but we never ever did a project together and they probably forgot about me so i guess I'm free!


well we never did a project together I guess... But that dos NOT mean I will FORGET about you!


I'm talkng about Hedgie25 and Enchantedhopscotcher and TheWonderfulPanda:panda_face:


oh......(akward silence) but do you want to do it?


its ok if you don't want to I can tag more ppl


Yeah sure, I actually don't really care. I'm just really bored.


but are you good at coding?


im gonna tag more ppl


On a scale of 1 to 20 maybe 10.




okkkkkkkkkk im gonna wait till some of the other ppl I tag replie


I think u should take Smileyalyssa off, she already has one.


yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I will


oh yeah can you make a sports game so I can see how good you code


Thanks for tagging me, but I already have 2 coding partners. Good luck though! :smile:


Idk if I want a coding partner :pensive:


It's okkkk okkkkk? 29292929