Hopscotch oversore categories



Ok let's start going about what Hopscotch oversore is it is a club that I made up so they are no prizes I'm just trying to see a good hopscotcher. join the club by telling me. Ok now lets go with the categories just tell me a category and I will put it in as a category remember we have work to do before for the count down


Are you saying this is a club to see who is good at coding?

I don't really like the idea of excluding people based on skill...


Yes yes it is and really we have to work before the count down


This may cause problems.

This club could make other hopscotchers very sad because they're not at the top for coding rank.
This is just a warning. However you may choose what you do.


Yikes this could cause some problems if people ask to be in and they don't make it (not to say you would be rude!) but people could get angry and sad like @RobotPro said! I think many have it where you have it so like
"Any hopscotcher who been on for 3 months can join but this could turn out in fights and you would hav bad support! (Ahh! That's bad!)

From your furry friend huggingfluffybear