Hopscotch Oscars!



First of all: ALLL CREDIT GOES TO @Follow4LikesOfficial

Ok! So the Oscars are coming up! They are on Febuary 28!!! So why don't we do Hopscotch Oscars? I don't know too much about the Oscars, so I'm going to go do some research. But wouldn't that be cool? I hope you guys should can help and be apart of it! I will make it in Hopscotch and update you guys all on here, and I still need to find a host so... Yay!


What should be some categories? That what's we need to do first.

Then, we need a host!

Any ideas?


@Phase_Admin @GysvANDRegulus


Ask @OrangeScent1! You can use my 2015 template if you wish to


Can I please be the host? I would be glad to be the host.


I think you should make a vote, and who is in the Hopscotch Oscars? Can I be in it?

Not a good idea, I have no idea what the Oscars are. . .


Hm... I haven't really watched the Oscars... But I know what it is and this looks really cool and I'd like to help!


The categories could be music, art, models, games, etc


Did someone say music?


I did, I said music XD


I hope I get a award!


Those sound good! And there could also be most improved, rising, like specific Hopscotchers


Why am I not on that "tags" list?
Just wondering...


Idk I just coppied and pasted


Ok. Where do you get that list?






And you should be the host, @SmileyAlyssa!


Ok @SmileyAlyssa .

Then, @Follow4LikesOfficial, why am I not on that tags list? Just wondering?


I put a lot of peeps that I know on the forum, I didn't add everyone tho

Do you want to be on it?

Oh no notifications are lagging again


Lol that's a creepy question


I'd like to be in it!