Hopscotch Oscars



No I’m not back.

This year I will be making my second annual Hopscotch Oscars!
To nominate please go to:

And follow the instructions.

To put in an ad, please go to:

And follow the instructions.

Thank you!

Tributes/Heroes Comp 2018
The Hopscotch Oscars -NOMINATIONS-

I double nominate it anything made by @MyPi deserves featured!


I think this is for nominating in the HS oscars not featured.


back when I was obsessed with Hopscotch.


Ohh well then it deserves to be on the HS Oscars!


This is a great idea and even your advertising project looks beautiful! Like @ducks12 said, you should definitely be nominated to these awards! You deserve it at least :slight_smile:


@William04GamerA would you like to host the Hopscotch Oscars?


Sure, I can do it! What do I have to do to be a host? And what does a host do?


I just tell you who won what in advance, and you tell me how you would present it, and I put it into the project.
Also, it’ll really help if you remix the project that I made for nominations. (Make sure it’s the right one). Thank you!


Okay! I will, but I don’t do remixes on my account unfortunately, sorry. I hope that it’s okay, but I will do all the other stuff mentioned.


Okay, thanks. Could you at least just make something saying “The Hopscotch Oscars! Go to MyPi’s profile to nominate”? This would really help.


@MyPizza @Kayro @CreationsOfaNoob @Petrichor would you like to help spread the word about the Hopscotch Oscars? It would be a giant help, and would be very mouth appreciated.


Sure. I can HALP u with that


What’s thaar? Sorry, was it a typo?


Auto carrot.
Bueno? Bueno.



If I get on Hopscotch I’ll make a thing


Sure, this is a great idea.


I made a thing

It says “check out mypis account for the Hopscotch oscars. Tap the bar in the corner of this project”


Is this official? Just curious. I’ll help out too if you want

Edit : @SmileyAlyssa you did this in 2016

@POMTL here is the oscars start nominating


What qualifies as official? THT didn’t tell me to do this. And thank you! It would help a lot if you help.