Hopscotch Oscars MAKING (almost ready!)



Yeah, this is a big event. There is more than 1 topic about the Hopscotch Oscars, but this was is specifically for the making of the project and the staff involved.

The nominations are over.

Voting is over.

Before I tell you the winners, this is classified information. Do not tell anybody else. Do not say on Hopscotch.

We have our winners:

1. MagmaPOP

1. StRiKe_PixelArtMaster

1. SmilingSnowflakes

1. Queberation
1. SmileyAlyssa

2. Valgo

2. Oio

1. LotsaPizza

1. Uptown Studios

1. Follow4LikesOffcial

1. Yummy Muffin

3. RubyWolf

1. Rawrbear

1. RenegadeBird

Ok? Now, let's talk about the staff.


Coding staff.

I am making it. (@SmileyAlyssa)
@LotsaPizza is hosting it.
@OrangeScent1 is set design, and she will get that to me soon.

Advertising Staff

Ok! So a lot of people have been making commercials or advertisment for the Hopscotch Oscars! This is really good, we need to get everybody ready for it! Whatever the thing is, you MUST include that it is coded by me, the host will be LotsaPizza, and it will be on February 28th. And thats it! This is an easy way to get credit and help at the same time :wink:
I am probably going to miss somebody, but current advertisments were made by: @LotsaPizza, @SmileyAlyssa, @ConnellCoder, @Crazy_Crawfish, and thats all I remember for now...

Entertainment Staff

Then there is entertainment! Between some awards, there will be acts. Games, music, text art, etc. This is where we REALLY need people! What you need to do, is make a mini project, (one that will be able for me to transfer codes). It can be anything!!! I am really hoping @Follow4LikesOfficial can make a music act after he is awarded musician. Even if you didn't get an award, an entertainment project from you would be awesome!!! It can really be anything, just remember to name it #HOentertainmentstaff!

The staff will get their name after the act before the next award goes out, their name in the credits, and maybe a shoutout!!! I will also like a lot of your projects :wink:

I hope you can be a part of this awesome event! It will be fun and worth it!


You DO NOT need me permission to do something! If you do something for entertainment, just go do it! I might put it in! If you want to do something for advertisement, just go do it and tell me!!!


What does entertainment staff mean?


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I can help with entertainment. I think I might already have a mini game on my profile. I don't know if the code is pretty transferable, and if you want to use v.1 or v.2 but you can check it out. Its called Hungry Shark Evoloution (Its one of my first projects)


Put me in anything (except advertise, im bad at advertising) :wink:


So it means that entertainment is a mini game?


Can I be an advertisement staff?


Can I be an advertising staff?
And where do I put my advertisements?


Ok, I just want to say that I made an advertisement and I'll be making something for entertainment. :D


May I work for entertainment?


Or if you need advertisement staff I am happy to do that.


@SmileyAlyssa I can do entertainment! I could create a Hopscotch Oscars logo!


Can I help with some stuff between awards?


yay! guys, if you want to help, just do it! make an advertisment! make an entertainment thing! you dont need my permission, just go do it!


ok! how do we start??


So am I making the Rising part of the show??


What do you mean?


I want to do entertainment, how do I start working on it?


You dont have to, but if you want to, thats great! Idk


I'll do it! I have an idea! :grin: