Hopscotch on Android



I am tired on using Hopscotch on a IOS device, especially when I own a android device. I was thinking about making a petition to make Hoscotch go on Android! Reply to agree!


I agree, but please search before you post! :wink: There are many topics, and Hopscotch said they may have it by 2017! I agree, this sounds like a very cool feature.


Use the nice way to say it :wink:


(clears throat)

Please make sure there aren't topics about this already when you post it :wink:.

It would be very cool to see Hopscotch on Android, but we don't really need a petition for it! THT has it planned already.


i agree and i am tired of just playing on an i pad i do not even own because i dot own a phone but own a laptop so i think we should have it on the computer too.....


Let's not pressure @staff they already are probably working on glitches, and they were kind enough to make it on IPhones! It would be nice, but this will be are to make and it will take a long time to do :wink:


Here are a few good topics about this!

And, here is what @Liza herself said about it!

And then my reply, 5 months later.

And then what @HappyDolphin said.

Sorry if I tagged you and you didn't want it! :wink:


That's great, but we already know when it's happening saw a post by @Liza


I thought it was by the end of this year?!? :confused:


Try "Pocket Code" for Android
It's like a mini version of Scratch and you can draw your own pics or upload pics with"Pocket paint"
You can publish games to the pocket code site and play others games and remix as well. And it's free.





I can't wait for Hopscotch on Android!


ohhhhhh the irony


Why did THT say that they're starting in early 2016? They haven't started yet, right? @Liza