Hopscotch on a iPhone or iPod


So does anyone have hopscotch on your mobile device? I have it on my iPod.


I dont have a mobile device so i cant have hopscotch on it


Oooohhhh so you have an iPad


I have it on an iPhone, an iPod, and iPad :D


I only have an iPod.


Everyone has it on a mobile device :stuck_out_tongue:
I only have it on my iPad


I have it on an iPad and my iPhone 4s I am currently using to type this. (Not that I have more than one iPhone 4s)


I have a iPad 4th generation and a iPhone 6S. I am typing this from my iPhone.


What type of iPod do you have @gcully


The 5th generation. I got it for Christmas.


Lucky my iPods only 4th gen
So I can't access hopscotch on it


You can use Hopscotch on an iPod?


Not people who don't have Hopscotch xD


Because the iPhone App Store is also the iPod App Store
But you can't do it on an iPod nano if you were wondering




It's great that you made this topic because right now I am typing this on my new SCHOOL IPAD!
I just got it 45 minutes ago! It's the only device I can Hopscotch on!

PS- I also use the computer, my phone, and occasionally my kindle fire! :D


Welcome back, @LazyLizard!


Omg :0





but srsly

It doesn't work like ever


I can't get hopscotch on my mobile device :( (I've got an android phone) Sadly. I have hopscotch on my iPad Air 2 though.