Hopscotch, on a gameboy?..... and story?... And Raspberry Pi mod?

The story, you don't have to read it but it's for backstory

So back in April, in school we had to make a project were you would make a fake product. So, me and my friends used to play Mario kart every morning because why not. And we played it on a 3ds. And people made jokes about calling my DS the RobDS. And when the project came up, I wanted to make a thing like the DS but I would be a cell phone as well. I did that but called it the RobSD. That's my name so..... it looked like a Gameboy Advances SP and we had to make prototypes and adds, which was fun as heck. And me and my friends made jokes about putting a raspberry pi in it to make it, and use scratch as the OS! (This was before I took hopscotch seriously and barley used it)

^^ If you are reading this and have not read the story, this will be confusing ^^. Well well 6 months later I'm considering it. And you may be asking, How Is This Hopscotch related? well puppy, I'm planning for it to have Internet which hopscotch can run on it. Think that's to weak of an excuse? How about using the fourm on a device that does not exist? And think, if I do make it, it will have touchscreen, so imagine, we can make little programs!

I'm not sure if I'll even do it, but I don't think anytime soon, or at least till December. If you think I'm crazy, someone did it before, plus I already have some materials for it.

I'm planning to get a GBA SP and putting a raspberry pi in it, I have backup battery's and plus I can buy one so it can be powered. It will have wifi, because I have a dongle which worked with my raspberry pi zero. If I found out how to use a certain programming language, I might be making my own Operating System! The screen will be a touchscreen and you will kinda have to use a stylus if you want it to work. It will most likely run raspbaian. If I do make this work, I'll keep adding to this.

Does anyone like my idea? Any suggestions? Thanks!
I'll be drawing some ideas and planning stuff.

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If you have any questions ask me I guess
This is the reason why I have not posted. I was to scared to post this ;-;


Concept art coming soon oh boy


That's is a great idea!

I love it!


Interesting. So is Hopscotch going to be compatible with this device? How would that work?

Btw, is your name Rob? XD


Yes and if you ever call me that I will never respond to you


Ok, R-, no, errr, @MrHotdog64 XD


Oh, I see! @mRhotdog64


If you're smart enough to do that, you don't even need school. I wish you luck if you do end up doing it.


Ehh, I dont think I would be 'that smart'

I see people do it in there basements all the time!
Well, not all the time but you know.


I'm reading the topic, and I don't even care about the whole raspberry pi thing. All I can think is: You're getting a game boy advance sp?


Maybe and if I do I probably will break it


Well, it isn't THAT hard to do. I understand the whole idea of it, and I would probably do something similar, if I actually was brave enough to try it.


Oh yeah, and one more thing. If you need any help, feel free to ask me! I have a lot of experience with raspberry pi's, and am learning how to code in python.


That's really cool!:grinning: I started electronics a few months ago. The project didn't turn out well because 1. I didn't have a part that I needed to complete the project. 2. I realized I soldered the wrong parts in the wrong places. I still am interested in electronics.:slight_smile: Try looking at a YouTube channel called "Adafruit". They make electronic kits and tutorials. They've made a few Gameboy tutorials, they call it "GameGRRL". I would look there for inspiration.

I'm gonna bookmark this topic. Can you give us updates as your progress in this project?


Yes! I really need to sleep, but I will post a picture of a early concept art

The lines are faint but I will have better pictures tommarow


This is really interesting! I know nothing about electronics/making them/how they work, but it's really cool that you're doing this! I'll put this topic on watching, and hopefully we'll be able to get updates on your progress =D


That is a very interesting idea ! I really like it because it is really unique too !


This is a really good idea!!!


That is so cool!! Have fun making it and good luck!!


That is a very cool idea! I like it a lot.
Good luck :slight_smile: