Hopscotch Olympics?



I know there are similar topics, but this one I'd like to be big, if mods helped me out. If they do, we'll have contests in different subjects, such as: games, art, trail art, sine and cosine, ect. I don't know if this can happen yet, I just need to ask the mods. @PopTart0219 @Intellection74 @Gilbert189 @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman I'd like you to judge, and possibly give out awards. If you don't want to, that's alright. It won't start until after the summer contest is over. I can handle awards by myself if I have to. I hope you can help!


I'd love to judge or give out awards! :slight_smile:


I'd love to judge, too! Cool idea!

I need to read topics more carefully. :laughing:Whoops!


Of course! I might ask orange scent to judge art, even though she's not a mod!


When it starts, just @ me! If it happens during the summer I can probably judge, but once school starts my chances will diminish. :frowning:


It's a great idea! @Murphy1 did this, but it ended, so ask him/her first.


This is like mine
Did ya copy or get inspiration
Or make it up ya self?