Hopscotch Olympics!



Hopscotch Olympics is having a contest in many different things such as drawing pads, trail arts, etc. it works how the real olympics work, qualification round then make a team out of the best for the finals. I will be the judge. Your games will get rated out of 1000 which is the max score you can get. Highest scores make the team. The qualifying projects are due by July 10 and you put the link on here.

trail art
@SimplySouthernGurl-960 I honestly think you deserve this sorry for the mistake on the post @SimplySouthernGurl

drawing pads

making a animal of some sort

@Explorer_ -974



summer projects

Please tell me if you like another one of these you want me to put in!



What about a category for logos?




Do want to sign up for that? @Kitkat26


A category for...
Summer related-projects?
Not only trail art, other art?


Can I sign up for that?


Which one @Explorer_?


No. I probably will lose and I don't have the time to make the best project ever in 5 days.




The Summer project one.


I really need more people


Sorry! I am very busy. I maybe could if you could have given us more time. 5 days is not a lot of time to make a awesome project.


July 10th?


I'm sorry. I don't like to participate in contests like these so good luck!


I am so going to not make the team.


I would honestly like to sign up for the logos one, @Murphy1 :slight_smile:

But one thing, [Coughs], do we make the logo for you, ourselves, or whoever, or just a random logo?

That's pretty much the only thing I'm confused about.


and it is for trail art


I have my project ready, do you want to see it?


Who knows? Maybe you will make the team.


Make a logo for whatever you want