Hopscotch Olympics 2018


Hello everyone, and welcome to the HOPSCOTCH OLYMPICS!!! I was watching the Winter Olympics the other day, and said, hey, how cool would it be if all coders on Hopscotch, famous or not famous, far and wide, joined together to code AMAAAAZING CREATIONS? I saw on the forum there were similar comps a few years back… but they sorta died.… but imagine how awesome it would be to recreate them! ANY hopscotchers could join, they could pick a country, and the different ‘sports’ would be: trail art, quizzes, games and pixel art! Of course, as it is the Olympics, the topic/theme of your projects would be sport, the world’s greatest sporting legends, the Olympics, tributes, etc. The winners of each section could receive a featured or something similar to that. It would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to get this as big as the hopscotch Halloween comp or Christmas comp. My goal is to empower all coders to code and have fun, no matter how famous they are. Please reply with your thoughts and if you’re on board with the idea and would like to sign up, please state whether you’d like to be a competitor or a committee member. It would be great to get ppl such as @Liza to help. Also, if you know any bomb dot com coders who would be happy to help, feel free to @ them on this topic! Thank you, and have a nice day!


It’s already a thing


Hey there!
@Stal98 litterly just made this type of topic yesterday!
Here it is:


sorry about that


Aw snap!

Welp, I guess it was worth a shot. Thx for letting me know, @yaygirls. Good on @Stal98 for thinking of the idea, good luck to him/her!



Him lol

And you are free to sign up if you want


It’s the great gatsby! Lol idk

Sorry bud already done, you wanna join a team tho?


Thx for the offer, @Stal98 and @JohnnyGamer, but I don’t think I’m cut out for the Hopscotch Olympics :sleepy:. School’s just started for me and I have a lot of stuff to juggle at the mo. I’m also a little rusty at coding but I’ll def support the Aussie team till the end :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:! Thx anyway guys



Sorry @JonnyGamer I just realised I spelt ur name wrong!!!


Hehehehehehehe @JohnnyGamer :joy:


Please Search Before You Post


sorry, @HopscotchRemixer!! The name of the post was different so i didnt see his topic when I checked, but I swear, I did check before I posted. I think it’s bc Stal98’s was called the Hoplympics and that’s y it didn’t come out when i searched it up. Thank you for letting me know. I will keep it in mind.