Hopscotch Olympics 2016



Credit to @Ella_13 for the idea!

Welcome to this years Hopscotch Olympics! You will have to code each event. There will be different conteries. Plz give ideas to put in more conturies. To sign up for try outs, plz fill in this form:


What country do you want to represent?
How many years of HS experience do you have?
Are you active?

The maximum that gets into the team is 5.
Here are the conteries, you can ask me to put in one:
United Kingdom

I will announce the first part of tryouts soon.

In the first half of the Olympics there will team prizes, and then for the last half there will a few people from each team to code by themselves.

Prizes will be announced when the Olympics will start.

Judges: @Explorer_, @Silverdolphin, @Ella_13, and @StarryDream

People entering tryouts
@CodePerfect for America
@BlazeWolfGirl for America
@LunaMorgana387 for United Kingdom
@DMF for Russia




What country do you want to represent? USA
How many years of HS have you had? 3 months
Are you active? Yes


Thanks for adding me!! What do I have to do to make the team?!?


The first part will be announced when more people will join


Can I be a judge with you ??


Okay thanks!!


Sure! We need one more judge!


Ok ! Thanks ! Who else is judging??



What will I need to do if I'm a judge?


Could I have credit please?

Can I judge please?


You judge


What do you mean by credit
Yes! Your the last judge!


I was the one who started the Olympic contests


Right sorry! My bad! I usually put in credits, but so many people have done it so I didn't know


Yeah I started it



Yay!! Thank you for putting me in tryouts!!! =D


Cool idea =D


I'm not any of those countries but if you add mine No one else will join because I bet I'm the only one​:expressionless:(Gosh this makes no sense)