Hopscotch Official Music Topic [i think]


Okay, so here you can share your favorite music with your favorite hopscotchers! Can we get my post to....... 20 likes? I never win contests. Here's my top two songs!
Panic! At The Disco - Dea*th Of A Bachelor
Jon Bellion - All Time Low (Clean Version)

Y'all should check them out!
DEBATE: Which song is BETTER?

  • Dea'th Of A Bachelor
  • All Time Low


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My favorite song is Capsize by frensip. It's so catchy and I can't stop listening to it!


I heard All Time Low on the radio and thought it was Tyler Joseph. But IT'S SOOO GOOD!!!!
but i just love panic at the disco!


@Himynameismeredith1 this is awesome! I Like This Song!!!!!!!!


My favorite song is "Shooting star" by Owl City


Never tap at this link:

link you shouldn't tap


Vanilla Twilight
Song by Owl City

Most songs by Owl city



RIP me


RIP You. Poor @Himynameismeredith1


My favorite song is All The Way by Jacksepticeye.
xD jk.
It's Your Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring.


Nice! Panic at the disco


Anonymous has a topic like this already.


I said that you shouldn't tap it lol


i tapped it


My favorite song is "Stand By You" by Rachel Platten!
It's in my bio, but some words are censored. The words aren't used in a bad way, though. :D
It's confusing, just listen to it and you'll get me.


I love that song!:grinning::comet:

My favorite song at the moment is "Cold Water" by Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber. :grinning::droplet:



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Revival!!! :D This is a good topic idea and needs to be seen!


I like the Lucian remix of Trndsttr


Sorry but I allready made a topic like this!