Hopscotch Notation (& Compiler)

what if i did it like so?

local var = "first way to declare a local var"
var = "second way"
object var = 7
self var   // do you prefer this way?
game var = 7
user var = 7

object var = "stands for self"
self var   // do you prefer this way?
original_obj var = "attaches the original object"
"monkey" var = "attaches monkey"

basically if a parameter is followed by a dot (.), it means its a default orange hs variable. if its followed by a space ( ), its a variable created by the user

object some_weird_variable = floor(7 * game FPS) / object returned_value ^ 2

that is the downside tho ^^ really weird

object:some_weird_variable = floor(7 * game:FPS) / object:returned_value ^ 2

or i can do a colon (:) but it starts to get heavy


which notation for declaring variables; a dot, a space or a colon?
  • game.variable
  • game variable
  • game:variable
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which way to prefix an object variable when you attach to yourself? object or self?
  • object.variable
  • self.variable
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