Hopscotch (not update) idea!



So this is not an idea for a hopscotch or forum update.

So me and @SnowGirl_Studios were on Google docs and we were talking about how cool it would be to meet each other. Then Snowy got the idea of a Hopscotch meet and greet! We could have a place people can go to to meet hopscotchers! :smile:


Like where? In California? Or like idk where!


It could be at Hopscotch Headquaters! Meet the team, and other hopscotchers!


Me likey this name :D
Also maybe on in each major city
ex: new york, new york
ex: san ransisco, california


I come up with nicknames sometimes. I liked snowy, so yeah. :smile:


Can I join the doc? (I have an idea!)


Hmm.... That would be cool... Maybe there should be a HopscotchCon!


That would be awesome! I'd love to meet all the awesome hopscotchers :D


Cool! Except I doubt most parents would pay to have their kids fly someone to meet someone online friends... But I still like the idea!

Plus Internet safety... I have been taught never to meet someone in person that I just befriended on the Internet.


Sorry, but it is kinda dangerous... It is number one thing not to do in my internet safety class!


Where is the hopscotch headquarters, anyway?


It is in New York City. :smile:


Can I join the doc? I don't have a Hopscotch email but I have a throw away mail email!



Ok I seriously doubt my parents would let me go to New York... :confused: