Hopscotch Nicknames!



Hi, everyone! We all have usernames, right? Well, what if it's too long? Let's have nicknames for each other! For example, mine is Enchanted! What's yours?


Is my nickname @EnchantedAnimallover


Mine is UT!
It stands for


Mine is (as you all know), ISNBN.


DL! Be sure to sbyp because there are multiple topics on this!


Some calls me HFB

Others fluffy bear!


I don't really have a nickname, but if I did I guess mine would be DL975. I sign some of my projects with that if I don't feel like writing out my whole name.


Mines DF but Deadfr is short too!


Mine is RB (or RNGB—just in case someone confuses me for @Rawrbear xD)

On my other acc., it's SPB! :3


No one really addresses me by it, because my name isn't that long, but I do sometimes use 'M :hearts:' as an abbreviation to my hopscotch name, 'Maltese :hearts:'! c:


I sometimes use Kitkat or KK.


Let's see I'll pick one how about Abby! Stands for AwesomeBlossom​:blush:


Off topic, but can you go on docs?


I guess mine is HA...



There's a lotta CCs.

But I'm the CC.

jk lol...but you can call me CC


Most people call me @Malie, but on hop, I just go LF


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"SA" I guess. But a lot of people say, "Smiley" or "Alyssa." I'm fine with any of them!


Your probably asking... How does that relate to your username?

It doesn't because it stands for SmilingSnowflake's Apprentice.
She accepted me :D

secretly tags @SmilingSnowflakes



My common nickname is SS, but sometimes people call me Snowflake, or Smiling, but both of those are rare. XD

I guess I could be called SLSF or something with 4+ letters, but I've never been called that. XD