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Interesting books.


And one other thing I forgot


What if you made a special column where you could recommend books and put why they’re good reads?
Also, what’s the thing you forgot?
(I recommend the Fairy Tale Reform School books!)


Umm I done remember


Only one. And I added a sports one.


Okay Comic Strips then!


Do you want to search online for comics and jokes, or make comics?


@tankt2016 Can you write for 2 columns


Make them and search!


No…? Unless you want to do the books one and the announcements one.


Would you like to partner with an artist or one of your sister’s drawing apps? To create them?


The second option please.


My drawing apps? My drawing apps? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I want to advertising


  1. What are you advertising?
  2. Sorry, but I think that big thingy in your post counts as spam.


Yeah. You put it as an option, and I want to draw.


Do you need a tutorial? I recommend ibisPaint X, because it has text boxes.




There’s these fancy thingies and probably an instructions button. There. Tutorial!


That is a really good name, I think!